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Full Schedule, According to the Florida Time Zone



4:00 AM      (from Fribourg)

8:30 AM      (from Sarasota)
10:30 AM    (from Sarasota)

1:00 PM      (from Guadalajara)
8:00 PM      (from Guadalajara)

Mon - Sat:

3:00 AM      (from Fribourg)

9:00 AM      (from Sarasota)

12:30 PM    (from Fribourg)

8:00 PM      (from Guadalajara)

Mass Schedule




Online Parish was started as an alternative for those who could not attend the true mass in a brick and motor parish.  Thanks to Father Fryer and the FSSP we now have the opportunity to attend mass online in real time.  This is not a substitute for our Sunday obligation, rather, a solution for those of us who can not get to mass because of great distance or inclement weather.


I have added links to the FSSP parish of Christ the King in Sarasota to the parish’s links for bulletins, and donations.  Please contribute to the Fraternity if you can to keep the live stream flowing.  Tridentine is not affiliated with the FSSP but is grateful for their affording the opportunity to attend the real mass of all time.


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